Hardwood Refinishing


Space Floors Offers the Best in Hardwood Refinishing Services

If your wood floors are looking dull and scuffed, it may be time to talk with Space Floors about our professional hardwood refinishing services. It is not at all uncommon for wood floors to require periodic maintenance, especially if your flooring is solid hardwood. Here are a few reasons we believe we can perform the best services when your wood floors need some help.

We Offer Different Levels of Hardwood Refinishing Services

Our hardwood experts will come to your home and evaluate the level of work that is needed to bring your wood floors back to life. Many homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area may not know that different hardwood refinishing options are available. For instance, your wood floors may only need a scruff and buff, or it may need a complete refinishing operation where we sand the current surface down to bare wood and apply a new finish.

Because our hardwood flooring professionals have years of experience, they can honestly assess what your flooring needs to bring it back to new life, and explain the process to you before you make a decision.

We Perform our Hardwood Refinishing Services with your Home in Mind

If your floors need a complete refinishing, we will set up dust barriers to reduce the amount of dust (from the sanding processes). We use modern equipment that also reduces the amount of dust that gets into the air. Our teams never leave a mess for you to worry about later.
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Get a New Look with our Hardwood Refinishing Services

If you are tired of the current color tone and sheen of your hardwood floors, we can finish your project by applying a completely new finish. In other words, if your current hardwood flooring is dark in color, Space Floor can remove that surface and apply a lighter finish to brighten the room.

If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and would like to know more about our high-quality hardwood refinishing services, come by our showroom, or give us a call.